Site Policy

#Rules in Collection of personal information
This website may collect personal information.
We collect these information such as Name, Address, E-mail Address, Phone number for contact to customer.
We don't use these information without providing about Nakagawa Laboratories contact to the customer.

#Link to this site
As a general rule, this website is link free without illegal contents or an intention.
And make no allowance for displaying contents of this website into frames.
Please understand that URL of the contents are change wihtout notification.

#About variation of letter size
Letter size of this site is variable in this website.
You can change letter size from settings of browser.

#Java Script
This website uses Java Script.
If Java script function of your browser is off, be care for these pages are not work correctly.

We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0 or upper, Firefox 1.5 or upper.