Purchase/Inquiry about UVLC

Please inquire about the joint development or the consignment development etc. of the Visible Light Communications equipment.
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Please contact the following information when you hope to purchase Underwater Visible Light Communications set.
* The sale of UVLC will begin from around Spring of 2013.

Marine Comms Ryukyu, Inc. Tokyo Branch
Bluebell Building 5th floor, Nishi-Gotanda 2-15-9, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan (Nakagawa Laboratories, Inc.)
TEL&FAX: +81-3-5437-5132

#Please inform us about the following points when you inquire.
- Name
- Belonging (No need if you are individual)
- Please specify the method of sending back the number, the method of payment, and estimates when ordering and estimating (fax/mail/E-mail) and the addressee.

#FAQ in purchasing
- The estimate description items are Delivery date, Addressee, Fare, Terms of payment, Transfer account, Account name, Expiration date, and monetary amount.
- There are two kinds of method of payments, Japanese yen and US dollar.
- In addition, the transfer fee does a visitor with a burden.

#About flows from an order to article shipment
1. Inquire or order by E-mail and the telephone, EC site.
2. Estimate issue from us.
3. Various condition adjustment with you.
4. Commodity sending out after we confirms completion of a contract.

#Specifications about UVLC

- Size:
LED light: Length=121mm / Maximum diameter=64mm
Power source: Length=160mm / Maximum diameter=65mm
- Length of cable: 1m
- Weight: 900g
- LED: 3W pseudo-white×9
- Communication distance: 30m (Turbidity: 0.41FTU)
- Luminous intensity: 1000 lumen
- Irradiation angle: about 85 degrees
- Carrier wave: 1MHz, 1.5MHz
- Battery life: 4 hours continuous
- Battery: 12V lithium ion
- Selling price (Plan): Open Price (1 set)
* The specification might change when the commodity starts to sell.。
* Please tell us about the the prototype if you want prototype commodity. We estimate separately.

Details of UVLC set