Features and Specifications about UVLC

#Features about UVLC

When using Underwater Visible Light Communications, a microphone which connected with LED type underwater light picks up the voice of the diver, and the voice is put on the light wave of LED type underwater light to the other diver. The diver who received Visible Light recognizes the received voice from the light wave by bone-conduction speaker. (Because the tympanic membrane in the ear doesn't vibrate in water, the voice is picked up by bone-conduction.)

Underwater Visible Light Communications can solve the problem of the underwater communication of the past. By a past sound wave method, it was difficult to specify from where voice comes, and to distinguish who was talking to whom. In addition, the sound wave spread far and wide, and occasionally make troubles to the environment or other Buddy. As using Underwater Visible Light Communications that you can judge visually is an epoch-making technology that makes these problems solved.

Scenary at using Underwater Visible Light Ccommunications

#Specifications about UVLC

- Size:
LED light: Length=121mm / Maximum diameter=64mm
Power source: Length=160mm / Maximum diameter=65mm
- Length of cable: 1m
- Weight: 900g
- LED: 3W pseudo-white×9
- Communication distance: 30m (Turbidity: 0.41FTU)
- Luminous intensity: 1000 lumen
- Irradiation angle: about 85 degrees
- Carrier wave: 1MHz, 1.5MHz
- Battery life: 4 hours continuous
- Battery: 12V lithium ion
- Selling price (Plan): Open Price (1 set)
* The specification might change when the commodity starts to sell.。
* Please tell us about the the prototype if you want prototype commodity. We estimate separately.

Details of UVLC set