Outline of Underwater Visible Light Communications (UVLC)

#About Underwater Visible Light Communications
"Underwater Visible Light Communications" that used the Visible Light Communications technology was jointly developed as the next generation gadget that made diving more joyfully and safely by 21 Zamami Co., Ltd., RISE Co., Ltd., Keio University, NPO Okinawa Prefecture Diving Safety Measures Conference, and Nakagawa Laboratories, Inc.. To use this system, interactive communications between divers can be rapidly improved, and even if the diving beginner forgets the signature by the gesture, he/she can indicate one's intention by the voice conversation so that the buddy can provide feeling security to him/her.

In the underwater communications system, the voice from a diver will be picked up with a microphone installed in the LED light and will be sent to other diver over the light. The other diver will receive the light, pick up the audio signal out of the light and acknowledge the voice through a bone-conductive speaker. This underwater communications technology will change the way to enjoy scuba diving.

Set of Underwater Visible Light Communications