Outline of Visible Light ID Development Kit

#About VLC (Visible Light Communication) ID Kit
This is a pair of transmitter and reciever set satisfy VLC ID System standards sets by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).
The aim for this kit is increase knowledge for VLC, helping various application development by easy experiences on VLC ID connection.
So, you can experience VLC ID Connection easily. And can customise program for various experiments. (Optional, see "Development circumstances" below)

#Operation content of Kit
WTransmitter has 2modes which is test mode and normal operation mode,sends charactic data with ID.
Reciever terminal computer uses communication software. (e.g. hyper terminal in windows)
In test mode, transmitting character data fixed automatically "0123456789;:<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]".

#Beginning of the experiment
This package contains VLC ID transmitter, reciever and LED lights. Only 2PCs with USB port are needed for experiment.
These PC needs install exclusive USB driver.
CD in the package contains this driver and latest version are available from Silicon Laboratories WEB site.
This driver is included in attached CD, and also you can download the latest driver from the website of Silicon Laboratories, Inc..

#ID number
This kit has ID number already for test mode. All transmitter has "1" ID. To change ID number, you need development circumstances below and rewrite the reciever program.

#Development circumstances
This kit developed C language using MCU made by Silicon Laboratories.
Software cusomization or rewritting data needs development kit (C8051F330DK) sales by Silicon Laboratories.

#Price & Name
- Name: NKV-100 Visible Light ID System Development Kit satisfy JEITA CP1221, CP1222 standards.
- Available rewrite data via USB interface.
- Price: For developers: US$1,000 / With manual: US$500 (include tax)
- Power Supply: USB interface
- 4 White LEDs (total 4 LEDs total power output settings are about 1W)

#Package contents
- a pair of transmitter and reciever
- 1 LED unit
- cables
- manual CD (including manual, source code, schematic diagram)
* "With manual" doesn't include source code and schematic diagram.
Box of the kit
(Box of the kit)