Business Outline

Visible light Communication is “Visible Light”communication literally.
A radio wave, Infrared rays are not visible, but Visible Light Communication is visible.
Spread of LED(LED: Light Emitting Diode)has brought VLC technology.
LED can flicker at ultra high speed, compared to these of incandescence and fluorescence.

Visible Light Communication is using this high speed flicker, which cannot be caught by human eyes.
We are living under visible lights. Therefore, it is good for our human body and ecological circumstances to reduce carbon dioxide.
It can be also used safely for the people with a pacemaker.
It is superior in security to avoid tapping and nusting, etc.

It is free from the radio wave regulation.
VLC can be more spread by using PLC (Power Line Communication).
Data can be transmitted from indicators or illuminations, etc through PLC.